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Monday, November 8, 2010

You Are Invited to a Petition Party

And so it...continues!

On Monday, Paul filed all the necessary papers to continue representing us in the City Council. But, in order to continue the work he first set out to do 11 months ago, Paul needs our help. On Saturday, Nov. 13, we are holding a community gathering to allow CD2 residents the opportunity to sign a petition that will allow Paul to appear on the ballot and move him one step closer to re-election. Come enjoy some great food, reconnect with old friends and sign the petition.

Please note that in order to sign the petitions, you must be a registered voter in Council District 2 in the city of Los Angeles (see a map of the district here). All are welcome, but we ask that, if possible, you please carpool or use public transportation.

The event will be held Saturday, Nov. 13 from 1 to 3 p.m. at the home of Jo and Bob Oberstein, 13543 Crewe St., Van Nuys 91405 (map). To RSVP, please email Areen:


Team Krekorian
Paul Krekorian for City Council


  1. Mr. Krekorian, I have a petition for you to sign. The community that is crying out for your help Why have you ignored your constituents for so long?

  2. really - he needs our help? he was nowhere to be found when we asked for his help in making our voices heard against the cell tower that was built in our R-1 zoned neighborhood. Paul Krekorian does not represent us. He represents himself

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  4. Paul Krekorian is a SELL OUT. He chose to represent T-Mobile for cash instead of his constituents. Paul recently allowed phone giant T-Mobile to install a 52 foot cell tower at Bevis and Albers, an R1 residential area WITHOUT the consent of residents. Paul will not receive my vote or the votes of my friends and neighbors UNLESS he facilitates the removal of T-Mobile's cell tower ASAP.
    -Paul, how would you like a 52 foot cell tower in YOUR front yard?

  5. How can you say you represent your constituents when you are not lending support to the residents on Albers & Bevis who are figthing the unwarranted issue of a Revocable Permit to TMobile for the Construction cell tower that will be over 52 feet in height. The proper procedures were not followed in having this variance issued nor was there any due consideration afterward to the residents in the area. No Notice was ever given. No evidence that the zoning will allow 52 feet in cell tower. The existing pole was only 30 feet. There is no evidence as to the proper location of the original public works easement (no deed to compare legal description) with area on survey, no ok on modification of 22 additional feet on turning tower with 6 antennas - blite to neighborhood, there was no original leasee's approval (AT & T) attached or indicated the proposed variance, the procedure used to issue variance was over counter procedure (April 2010) and did not fit the criteria of complying with a hearing requirement. In addition there are conflicting address descriptions of the PIQ as 5465 Bevis and 14870 Albers, Sherman Oaks. There should be an open hearing wherein all documents originally submitted including mailing lists of notices, receipts, deed for right of way (to locate on survey and drawings), lease to AT & T, Consent from AT & T, current permit with progress to check for any violations, evidence of City Planners Approval according to master plan. A public hearing needs to be called so that all residents can attend - time and date to be agreeded upon- with representatives for all city approvers e.g. Building Department, Inspector, Public Works, A T & T, T Mobile, City Planners office to attend or provide opinions on whether cell tower is warranted and needed. T Mobile needs to show the placement of all other cell towers and a possilble alternate for this tower. The placement of the power is visible at curb side possible safetly hazard. In order words we are determined that the R Permit needs to be revoked and that you need to take action or face an uncooperative electorate. I am in your district and would not vote for you now on the basis of what I see so far. I also feel that all the residents need to bring this up to the Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association who might think about backing you??? My address is on Vista Del Monte Ave., Sherman Oaks, CA 91403.

  6. How long are you going to turn a deaf ear to those who live in proximity to the cell tower T-MOBILE has (illegaly) erected on Albers, betwixt Bevis and Willis? It's an ELECTION year!