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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Paul Kicks Off His 2010 Re-election Bid


  1. My experience with Mr. Krekorian so far has not been good. T-mobile covertly installed a cell tower without informing ANYONE in the neighborhood. This is their fourth try and they succeeded due to Krekorian's neglect. We have tried multiple times to talk to his office. They CAN help, but they've chosen not too. Corporations come first before the taxpayers of his district (who they can also harm). Remember that.

  2. I don't have major complaints with Paul Krekorian, apart from the fact that he is has not put enough energy into the concerns of his constituents on health issues. Besides the cell phone tower in Sherman Oaks—which has been built within blocks of both an elementary and a middle school, there is the issue of traffic safety in his district. I would like to see his office take determined action to address poor motorist behavior, especially in areas where there are children walking. I will not be surprised if there are not more tragedies like the recent one in North Hollywood, if measures are not taken to curtail speeding and other kinds of dangerous driving around the elementary schools. Krekorian's office has heard from us many times on these issues, but unfortunately it has done nothing so far.

  3. I feel i am not heard.I have listened to a fellow neighbor say this and i want it to get to all my neighbors out there.
    When you elect someone to office you are giving them a job and they work for you not you work for them .
    So think and listen this time around and if this man has your best interest at heart then by all means give him a job,but if not then let him pat and collect social security like the rest of us and try and live off that
    i write this comment as i being zapped by radiowaves by a cell tower that my Mr. Krekorian's office has said had no idea about till it was in the midst of being constructed. I am important and i do not like the feeling of being looked over by a person who is in office to represent me and look out for his constituents.Please join me in letting all politicians know they work for us - THE PEOPLE
    It has seems to have slipped there minds
    thank you and please vote election time it is you who give these people their jobs to do the right thing